Wellington in the 1940's, 50's and early 60's was an interesting and diverse place. Post war, Wellington began to grow. Public Transport was at the heart of that growth. This series of historic Wellington images, are based around the most popular mode of Public Transport, Trams. They were replaced by Trolley Buses in 1964. This series of of photographs are a small portion of the work of one of New Zealand's greatest Photographer Historian's, Graham Stewart. Graham is in his mid 80's, and is still very active capturing the much of Wellington's History. Graham is a visionary, and with his great friend Peter Bush, would be regarded as a father figure of New Zealand Photography. Graham's works can be purchased through Photography by Woolf, and form a valuable part of the Woolf Collection. For more information or to purchase enlargements, please ring Simon Woolf on 04 9176861, or email: hello@woolf.co.nz


Woolf Photography Limited Edition Fine Art

Woolf Photography have an ever growing catalogue of Fine Art Photography suitable for home or office interior design. Wellington, New Zealand, Historical Images,Wildlife, Floral and Creative all feature. And if it's not online, and you are looking for something special, we may just be able to access the image(s), or better still we are available for commissions. We know Wellington, and a variety of other areas in New Zealand like few others. To access a number of different ranges of our Fine Art go to: https://www.photographybywoolf.com/fineart

You will be able to view  a whole selection of different Fine Art. You can then order in a choice of sizes and surfaces, They can also be framed, or printed traditional photographic papers, on fine art papers or on stunning high quality canvas.

Spring abounds, and the Spring Collection below are all recent additions to our Fine Art Photography. These images are only available as in Originals ( ie There is only one Fine Art Image available) therefore they are one offs, withe no further images being able to be produced in the same manner, style, size or presentation. They can be reproduced from Super A3 to very large Murals. We often also take on Floral Commissions, where your favorite flower or floral arrangement can be turned into a piece of art. Please contact Simon for more details on our Floral Fine Art. Phone 04 9176861 or email: hello@woolf.co.nz

#2931-1, Wellington by Night 3

#2933-01, Hutt Valley Recession Blue haze

#2937-5001, Oriental Bay Houses Last Light

#2938-1, Wadestown Pano Panorama

#2941-1, Over The Sanctuary

#2948-8470, Cabbage Tree and Snow

#3020-1, Red Sky Wellington

#3167, Last Light Oriental Bay

#3032-1, City Lights1

#3095, Interislander and Tapi

#3101, Wellington Star BW

#3131, Silver Ferns

#3136-7756, Bruce and Simon's Cabbage Tree

#3134-4301, RedSky Red Fountain

#3157, Cabbage Tree and City

#3158, Cabbage Tree, Mist and Karori

#3159, Chaffers Marina Sunset

#3165, From Mt Kau Kau

#3160, Dawn Drama

#3161, Dawn Glow

#3162, East by West FerryWakes Pano

#3163, Fireworks 2014

#3164, First Light From Karori

#3166, Graffitti and Steps

#3191, Sunset Over Wellington

#3168, Last Light Storm

#3169, Last Light Wellington May

#3170, Matiu Somes Recession

#3171, Morning Recession

#3172, Pink Morn 3

#3173, Port Nicholson Pano

#3174, Rainbow from Khand 2

#3175, Rainbow over Mt Victoria

#3176, Rainbow over Oriental Bay

#3177, Rainbow over Port Nicholson

#3178, Rainbow over Wellington cont

#3179, Rowing 2 pano

#3180, Shafts Over Wellington

#3181, South Coast Storm

#3182 Southerly Front Wellington

#3183, Storm Island Bay

#3185, Storm

3184, Storm over Karori

#3186, Stormy Wellington 2

#3189, Sunset fom Mt Crawford

#3190, Sunset over Karori

#3193, The Rower 1

#3192, Swimmers Princess Bay

#3195, TowardsShelly Bay vig

3194, The Straitsman and Storm

3196, Waves Airport 2

#3197, Wellington Christmas Star

#3203, Wellington Pano Mt Vic Night

#3199, Wellington Dawn Shafts Wrights

#3198, Wellington Dawn Big Sky 2

#3201, Wellington Eve

3200, Wellington Drama

#3202, Wellington Eve BW

#3208, Heading South bw1

#3204, Wgtn Shafts PanoA3s

#3205, Wind Turbine Trio

#3206, Yellow Bollard Chaffers

3207, Civic Abstraction