Smitten with a kitten

Lyn brought her kitten Mara for a photo shoot in our Wellington City Photography Studio last month...

Mara, a 5-month old silver Burmese, is Lyn’s baby, and Lyn was keen to get a series of photos that convey the love and emotion she feels for this kitten.

We had so much fun! Mara explored the Studio and posed beautifully for Jess Dewsnap, one of our talented Portrait Photographers. Of course, the doors of the Studio were shut and the area was secured (in case Mara escaped!), but this beautiful kitten was so good,  Jess managed to capture the strong connection between them both.

So next time you are thinking of booking a Family Portrait Shoot, feel free to include your pet (in our Studio or in a location of your choice!) - after all, they are a huge part of the family- they bring laughter, cuddles and unconditional love. 

So Pet Lovers, Call Toni if you have any questions regarding Pet  and Family Photography on (04) 917 68 61.

Remember: Christmas is around the corner, and Family photos make a beautiful gift. You can also check out our Vouchers for more ideas on giving this Christmas.