Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I contact you?

A. You can contact us by phone on (04) 917 68 61 or email ( 
Alternatively, we also take appointments if you would like to meet face to face.

To book an appointment, click here.

Q. How do I book my Photo-session?

A. To book an appointment, click here

Or alternatively Phone us on (04) 917 68 61 or email

Q. How do I know that you have received my booking?

A. An email confirmation will be sent to you after you have booked. If we see you have special requirements, you will receive a phone call by one of our staff members, who will go through your comments and make sure that we understand your exact requirements.

Q. Will you continue to store my images after my shoot/ can I order images from past years?

A. Yes, in most cases we will continue to store and archive files, however we can only guarantee digital files being made accessible for two years after they have been taken.   Files will be stored for longer where possible.  

Very old historical files, (negatives) will be stored at an offsite Archive facility.

Retrieval may be possible subject to arrangement.  Please get in touch to discuss.

Q. Are you available on week-ends and after-hours for outdoor and Studio photography sessions?

A. Yes - our photographers can be available after hours and Saturdays and Sunday by arrangement. There may be a slight surcharge for after hour appointments.

Q. Will sessions be more expensive on week-ends and after-hours?

A. For most bookings there will be no extra charge.  There may be a travel surcharge applied.  Special events held on weekends and after hours will be charged at commercial rate.  Commercial / event / large function bookings are subject to quotation – please contact us. 

Q. After my photo-shoot, will images be available to view online for us to choose?

A. Yes - your online photography sitting images will be uploaded to a secure site and password protected for privacy reasons.

Q. Where will I be able to view my images taken by Woof Photography?

A. Most of our sessions include being able to view your photos AND ORDER online.
For studio sittings, individual / family portraiture, weddings and other special event photography we can book you an appointment to show you your images on the big screen. This is also available for other shoots if you do not have the ability to view online from home - just get in touch and we will gladly help!

 Q. Can I order online through the Woolf website?

A. Yes! Please click here to order online.

Q. Can I order digital images as well as order prints?

A. Yes! Digital images will be available in High Resolution, (for print) and also in Low Resolution, (handy for email and social media use). We do not however take any responsibility for the colour or quality if you choose to have your digitals printed elsewhere.

 Q. Can I order a photo book of my photo-shoot session?

A. Yes, you can! You will just need to select the images and we will do the rest!

Q. How long before I receive printed orders and or Digital images ordered via your website?

A. Digital images will be available for you to download once you have placed your order. Prints and other products will be supplied to you within approximately 5 working days.

During peak times such as graduation, our turn around on orders may be slightly longer.

Q. Are the prints I order high quality?

A. Absolutely! Woolf Photography will always been committed to delivering you the highest quality image. If you have any further questions around this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Q. Can I bring my own images to Woolf to have printed?

A. Yes. Woolf Photography offer a boutique service for printing, using long life inkjet inks and papers.

Q. Can I have my image retouched if required?

A. Yes, absolutely. We always do a light retouch on our images before sending them out, however if you require more editing just get in contact with us and we can look in to it/ provide a quote.

Q. Where can I have my photograph taken?

A. We are mobile and can photograph you at your place of business, home or other preferred location, (for areas outside Wellington travel costs will apply).  If you prefer a studio sitting, we can schedule your photo in our handy central Wellington location. All sessions will be by appointment.

 Q. Do you offer a framing service?

A. Yes, we have a custom framing service. Please get in touch for pricing.

Q. What is your delivery time for framed products?

A. Delivery time for framed prints and images is 2-3 weeks on most orders.
If you have a special order, where specific mouldings need to be ordered in the delivery time may be longer.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for photo-shoot bookings?

A. For cancellations less than 24 hours from the date of your confirmed booking date no refund applies.  In exceptional circumstances refunds may be agreed to at the discretion of Woolf Photography.

Q. Do you offer refunds for ordered products?

A. Woolf Photography comply with NZ consumer laws – please contact us to discuss your situation.

Q. Who can I address a complaint to, and how do I know it will be actioned?

A. At Woolf, our top priority is to deliver the best possible service, so we take all feedback very seriously. If you have a complaint or would like something addressed, please send us an email to and we will reply within 2 working days.