Georgina & David

It was a fun day for our wedding photographers Jess Dewsnap and second shooter Sandi Tourell...

The  team  split up in the morning, with  Sandi spending time  photographing the Men and Jess  with the Ladies over in Mana. The two groups then  met up at the beautiful Old St Paul's Church  for the Ceremony. Outside, it was a wild and windy day. Luckily, our experience in Wellington Wedding photography meant Jess and Sandi were able to use the  wind to their advantage and take some lovely shots of the bridal party at Parliament, where the first part of the Creative Photo Shoot took place. Georgina's  veil seemed to have a mind of its own, grasping every opportunity to fly away excitedly in the wind.

The second and third parts of the Creative Photo Shoot took place at Aotea Lagoon and  at Gear Homestead  in Porirua, where the views of the twin harbours from the front porches are breathtaking. This is also where the Wedding Reception was held.

  Our team had such fun with the bridal party! Two of Georgina's bridesmaids were her sisters, and wore gorgeous dresses made by Georgina (who studied Fashion Design).

 On a sentimental note, the bride and groom requested that we take a special photograph showing three generations on Georgina's side:  It shows her mums hand, her Grandmother's hand and Georgina's hand, each  displaying their wedding rings. A beautiful memory to treasure for the future.