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Piper's Style Studio Shoot

Piper had a plan: A Cross-fit competitor and aspiring model, she came in to the studio to get some head shots for a modelling portfolio -as her mother says: "This will pay for her to get though Uni!”.  Piper needed a shoot that could deliver on several fronts. If she was going to invest in professional photography for her portfolio, she was going to do it right. That's the beauty of a Studio Photo-Shoot: Come in once, bring in different looks, and there you have a body of work that has many different uses.  

Piper recently represented New Zealand in the Oceania Weightlifting Champs in Suva, Fiji, where she placed 4th with a 51 kg 'snatch' and a 71 kg 'clean and lift'.

For her first look, she wanted to be natural and relaxed, so hair and make-up had to be minimal.

For the second part of the shoot, emphasis was on looking edgy, using make-up to transform this lovely young woman from sporty & fresh-faced to smoky-eyed beauty for her modelling portfolio. Sandi, our photographer, did the rest. "Now that she is a bit older, she can really pull off the edgier shots.", says Sandi, who has photographed Piper in the past. "The Shoot was at lot of fun-  we laughed so much!"

Thanks Piper for coming in to our Studio again- we loved having you and wish you all the best.

The Team at Woolf.

Simon's Monthly Top Tips

Every month, Simon Woolf shares some of his photographic wisdom. You won't want to miss this:


July-August 2016


Perspective is a valuable piece of a photographer's repertoire. Eye level often does not cut it!  The need to get up high and look down, or get down and dirty, and look up is often an essential in gaining that X-Factor shot!

  • Just remember if you are going to get on up high, take care, you do not wish to fall and injure yourself. It has been done I can assure you!
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times. That is also an essential ingredient of being a great photographer. When taking photos from perspectives on slippery or potentially unstable surfaces, be aware you come first.

On returning my leased car I apparently popped a dent or two in the roof. It cost me! The shots I did achieve from the cars roof were well worth gaining  different and unique images. 


"Rowing for Gold"- Pop-up Gallery with Woolf Photography

Woolf Photography has always played a role the community...

...its passion for Wellington, its harbour and its people made it a natural partner for this latest fundraising venture with the Scots College Rowing Club.

The College first reached out to Simon during the summer training season to see if he would go out and take photos of the boys in action- what started as a goodwill gesture, turned into a wonderful photo opportunity for Simon Woolf- avid Wellington harbour photographer, lover of sunrises, hills, clouds and action.

The resulting  body of work, centered around an early morning training session on the harbour, literally at first light, is a series of  documentary shots of oars and  boats at speed ("Into the Blue I & II") and moody silhouetted figures in the creeping light of day, on flat water.

These  new Limited Edition works were featured in a " pop-up Art Gallery" set up, for one night only, at Premier House, to raise funds for the up-coming rowing crew at Scots College: a bold move by the club, and not your typical sausage sizzle or bake-sale approach. Artists were carefully selected for their special narrative around the theme of water, our ocean, islands and harbour ( a realm the Scots rowing squad knows well!).

Joining Simon in the mix are highly celebrated photographers Bruce Foster and Jason O'hara as well as  local artists Elizabeth Thomson, Charlotte Handy and Geraldine Stevens. Last, but not least, a number of works, made available for the first time,  celebrate New Zealand's Kermadec region (one of the world's last pristine open spaces) as well as individual works by John Pule and Fetu Feu'u.  All of these artists generously donated a percentage of the proceeds to the club.

The event was well attended and hosted by the Hon. Chris Findlayson, with an address by Rob Morrison, responsible for resurrecting Rowing at Scots in the late 90's and funding their first Quad, the "Blind Kiwi".  Both speakers commended the young men for their dedication and their grit: Ocean training being all the more challenging compared to rivers or lakes.

Simon's "Into the Blue I & II " Art works from the "Pop-up Gallery"  are still on display in the wonderful CPAC building at Scots College and available for purchase . These are limited edition pieces, signed, with a Certificate of Authenticity.

To find out more about these and the other artworks, contact us  or visit

Fly on the Wall: #VictoriaUniversity of Wellington #Grad #parade

Woolf Photography, in the crowd...

Our crew were out there in the sunshine, capturing the vibe and energy of the Parade yesterday- Check it out: Do you recognize anyone?

Remember- you can hire your gown for a full month, so don't feel like you've missed your opportunity to book a Studio portrait session for you and your whanau and friends- just call or email us to make a booking, we'll get you sorted!

Baby Nikau's first photos...

As usual, Wellington photographer Jess Dewsnap works wonders with her baby photography.

Here, she treats us to a series of intimate and lovely family photos of baby Nikau and his parents in our City studio.

Katy first came to see us at 34 weeks for her pregnancy shoot. She returned with Nikau and proud Dad, Kenny when Nikau was just 18days old and super cute. See for yourself!

Nikau’s last shoot was when he was 8months old. This has to be my most favourite time to photograph. Children are normally sitting up by themselves and their true character and personality shine through.
— Jess Dewsnap

Nikau turned one late last year. Jess & the Woolf team would like to wish Nikau a belated Happy 1st Birthday, and mum Katy a happy Mother's Day!

Here is an image that would look great in black and white and framed, as a lovely gift for mum ;)

Photography at Bay Of Many Coves Resort

Each year, Simon Woolf's Photography workshops and retreats are much anticipated- so much so, that you have to be quick if you want to get a spot!

 Ever wondered what makes them so compelling? 

We wanted to find out from past workshop attendees what all the buzz was about,  particularly, the photographic experiences at the Bay of Many Coves Resort in Queen Charlotte Sound. These have been taking place now for almost seven years, with no end date in sight.

An “Exceptional” experience (for seasoned or novice photographers alike).

So, we caught recently up with Mr Stephen Fox, an artist and photography enthusiast, who was kind enough to answer some questions for us:

Woolf: "How many workshops with Simon have you attended and where have these taken place?"

Stephen Fox: " I cannot remember exactly, as in some I have helped Simon,  and in others I have attended as a participant. However, it is somewhere around seven workshops at Bay of Many Coves, two at Zealandia, two at Ohariu Farm, and One at Shelly bay..."

W:  "Wow, that is impressive! What made you attend these workshops?"

SF: "The first one was at the Bay of Many Coves (B.O.M.C.) Resort I wanted to learn about photography as I moved away from painting and into Photography for my art. I had stayed at B.O.M.C. and saw an advertisement for the workshop, so I decided to attend. I can totally recommend this workshop, and keep going back when ever I can. Even after all the workshops I have attended, each one is a refinement of technique and an experience of a lifetime with wonderful photos to remember each on and to see the progression over time."

Even after all the workshops [...], each one is a refinement of technique and an experience of a lifetime...
— Stephen Fox

W: "Tell us what you have derived from them, what you were looking to achieve,  and whether they lived up to your expectations"   and what the overall experience was like.)

SF: "The experience was way more than I had expected and I achieved a lot more than I had hoped. Simon is a fantastic Mentor and guide. This,  along with the sharing that occurs across the workshop participants, and the beautiful environment at B.O.M.C.,  makes it a unique experience. 

W: "Thank you, Stephen. What is the one word you would use to describe the experience, and what else would you like to see happen?"

SF: " I would say my word is  "Exceptional" (for seasoned or novice photographers alike).  For me, after seven times,  I think Simon should consider doing a "Road-trip photography Tour"! :)"

Thinking of joining us at the Bay of Many Coves Resort? Take a look at the itinerary for the May workshop.  Don't worry if you miss out this time, you can always come along in September. Click here for details.

We would love hear from you about your experiences and  receive feedback and ideas for future photography workshops (from anyone who has or is yet to participate). You never know what Simon will come up with next!