Simon Woolf

Simon Woolf: Award-Winning Photographer

At Woolf Photography we pride ourselves on being award winning, and having our images regularly selected for major exhibitions, either here in New Zealand or overseas.

The studio prides itself on pitting itself against the best, and attaining honours and accolades in the process. It enables us to strive to high standards and gauge ourselves against our peers.

Woolf photography hold a few records too. As a studio, we hold the most Kodak Gold and Silver awards in the 20 year history. We also have the most Wedding Album Golds, and also the most Golds and Silver Awards in a given year. Epson Iris Awards, Australian APPA Awards, and Wedding and Portrait Photography International awards and accolades have also been accumulated over the years. 

The Photographic Society of New Zealand Canon National Exhibition has seen a number of Woolf Photography photographers win major awards, and gain exhibition selection. The proudest achievement is having so many young photographers, who have had involvement with the studio,have gained both exhibition success, and also won the PSNZ Youth Award.

This year Simon Woolf gained an unprecedented seventh print Gold Medal for Photojournalism, adding to his two Champion Projected Image Golds, and two further Open Category Gold Medals. Simon also gained a Bronze Medal this year to accompany the Gold Medal and The Shirley Peverill Award.

To win consistently takes dedication and discipline. An image needs to different, unique and hold an x factor, and ultimately needs to be immaculately presented. 

Simon has won Gold Medals over 4 decades, and like all the Woolf Photography Photographers strives for excellence, while giving our clients great value and service too.

Teds, Toys and Tots Special

As most of you know Hospi, Wellington Children's Hospital little lion mascot, travels everywhere with me.

Well, he has been a bit lonely recently, so I have enlisted the assistance of Woodward, from Bears with Attitude in Featherston Street, to be his buddy for a while...

Woolf Photography is offering a "Teds, Toys and Tots" Special for March: 

For $95.00 you get a Studio session with a 20x25cm enlargement for a Tot, Toddler or under five year old.

Children can be photographed with their favourite toy ( maybe even that special Teddy Bear from Bears with Attitude), and from each session we will donate $10.00 to The Wellington Children's Hospital.

Additionally, each child will have the opportunity to win one of Woodward Bear's great bear-friends, a little Hospi, and also a framed A3 Super enlargement printed on stunning fine art paper.

These sessions are only available during weekday mornings. You can bring the whole family in for a photos as well!

This is a great deal,and you need to be in quick to take advantage of limited booking spaces. Please ring Toni on 917 6861 to book your session now.

Oh, and keep watching out for where Woodward, and Hospi get to next!

Event Photography: The Heineken Big Pour Off

Our Event Photography is usually fun, and often you learn a lot in the process. Tonight I learnt how to pour a Heineken properly. Believe me there is a huge skill to it! It was the Wellington segment of The Heineken Big Pour Off, where bartenders from throughout the region compete against each other. The winner of the National competition heads off to The Netherlands, to compete in the World Comps!

All Black Beauden Barrett was one of the judges, and proved again he was a clas s act, and not just with a rugby ball. The only frustrating thing about tonight was that Wellington was hugely hot today.

Being the photographer, as much as I would have liked to, I couldn't indulge in the sponsors product!

Website Photography: Woolf & Te Omanga Hospice

As you know, Woolf Photography has been taking Wellington's visual Biography for over 80 years. It stands to reason, then, that we have many incredible connections throughout the community, for which we are so grateful.


One such connection is Te Omanga Hospice, which provides palliative care to those living with a life limiting condition in the Hutt Valley.This is an organisation that touches the lives of so many people at a vulnerable time: they need to know that the mental and physical needs of their loved ones will be met with kindness, dignity, comfort and love.  Palliative care is provided through an interdisciplinary team of specialist doctors, nurses, therapists and specially trained volunteers and is free of charge to the community.


So when Woolf  Photography was asked  to work with Leanne McLean,  Te Omanga’s Fundraising & Marketing Director, and their web designer, Scratch  to supply the imagery for the hospice's new website, Jess Dewsnap jumped at the chance!

Scratch supplied the Studio Brief: The images were to be soft, calming, intimate and uplifting. Jess captured the homely colours and textures of Te Omanga Hospice with images of quilts,  homely decorations, knitted blankets and warm timber tones.  The grounds and the hospice itself were portrayed in a way that absolutely reflects the caring and joyful nature of the place.

Feedback from this photo-shoot has been amazing:  everyone enjoyed meeting Jess, working with her and telling their stories.  She really captured the nurturing mood of the place, and staff have said what a wonderful experience it was to have Jess capture the essence of the organisation.

Thanks to all the staff at Te Omanga Hospice for their generosity and for everything they give of themselves on a daily basis to make a difference to the Hutt Valley community.  If you would like to make a difference too, feel free to donate to this worthy cause

Wishing you a Merry and Safe Christmas 2015

The team at Woolf Photography