Baby Photography: Meet Jagger

Another stunning Bump-to-Baby photo-shoot by Jess Dewsnap...

"Meet Jagger: Check out this kid's style of clothing over the shoots- he is one cool wee dude!

 I've had heaps of fun photographing Jagger and his family. He is an energetic kid with such a cool personality. It has been my pleasure capturing him as he has grown over the last two years. And it was so awesome at the most recent shoot: Jagger thanked me personally before they left and said "Thanks, Jess!".  It was such a gorgeous wee moment.

Hopefully we will see Jagger, his Mum and Dad in the future for more family shoots."

Bump-to-Baby photo shoots take place over 3 sessions. And the cool thing about that is, as you can see, our photographers get to know you, your family and your style. We develop a bond with you over time, and it's this bond that puts everyone at ease and makes these sessions fun. Read what Jagger's mum had to say about the experience!

  In the end, Jagger's family did two lots of Bump-to-baby shoots with us, so six sessions in total! Plus they got one of our free "Fortune Cookie" sessions which they used to bring in the grandparents! 

Our Baby packages can be purchased for yourself or as a gift Voucher for new parents- look out for our flyers and vouchers in your next Bounty Baby Pack from your Plunket Nurse!