A Different Proposal

Over the New Year break we had a family holiday up on The Coromandel. It is one of the most picturesque places. New Chum Beach had just been named one of the top ten beaches in New Zealand, so being nearby we all felt it was important to visit. It is a stunning location, and while the beach, sand, swim and warm waves are an attraction, one of my targets was to get to the highest nearby peaks and take in a perspective of the whole area. It was a straight up trip to the top, and while the track was marked, it was a clamber through over and on tree roots, with sheer drops in places. I love that sort of challenge. The views from the top were well worth the aching muscles days later.

Heading down and metres from the peak, I heard a pleasant and happy shriek. I bush bashed through some foliage to find a proposal had just occurred, with a young couple becoming engaged seconds earlier. The view behind Jaclyn and Jonno was so lovely, and in fact spectacular. I congratulated the happy couple, who on seeing me, and my cameras asked if I could record the occasion. It was a real honour to do so. Jaclyn and Jonno climbed this huge hill, for Jonno to surprise Jaclyn, and the coincidence of my being there moments after the big question was answered was not lost on us all!