Annette & John

Annette and John have been together for 19 years. In fact,  Simon photographed their family about 17 years ago in the studio! So, as long time clients of ours, we were thrilled when they called on us first for their engagement photo shoot, and then for their wedding.

The wedding Ceremony, held at Old St Paul's Church, was beautiful and extremely moving. Marriage celebrant Verna Currey officiated and also sung at the end of the ceremony. She has beautiful voice!

John's daughter, Caroline (plus grandchildren Isabelle and Theo) met Annette at the door of the church to hand over the flowers before the ceremony, where the Bride and Groom exchanged pendants instead of rings. Annette's daughter Georgina walked her up the aisle, while Elena, the amazing violinist, played her violin. It was a beautiful Wellington wedding .

Later, the reception was held at Cobar in Eastbourne, where guests enjoyed gorgeous views from Days bay, delicious food, entertaining speeches, lots of laughter and great music. I left the party in full swing!

Thanks Annette and John for entrusting your special day to us- we wish you all the best!